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PEACH Statements

Who We Are

Joy of Harvest

Standing with the Asian American Pacific Islander Community

The shooting deaths of eight people, including six Asian American women, in Atlanta was a horrific act of violence, and just the most recent of a growing wave of AAPI hate and discrimination in the United States. The 21 year old Atlanta shooter was once a student in our K-12 schools.

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California Early Childhood Mentor Program (CECMP)

PEACH strongly supports full funding for the California Early Childhood Mentor Program (CECMP).  CECMP serves a unique, foundational and cost-effective role in the professional preparation and in-service education of Early Childhood teachers and directors in our state.

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Caring Child
Serving Food

Standing Against Systemic Inequalities

Our hearts and minds are heavy with the death of George Floyd, as well as the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many other unjustified murders. We protest the persistent institutionalized racism, and systemic inequities that this tragic loss reveals, once again.

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