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California Early Childhood Mentor Program (CECMP)

PEACH strongly supports full funding for the California Early Childhood Mentor Program (CECMP). CECMP serves a unique, foundational and cost-effective role in the professional preparation and in-service education of Early Childhood teachers and directors in our state.


  1. CECMP Contributes to Higher Education Student Success and Continued Professional Development in ECE.

The Mentor Program provides ECE/CD students pre-service and in-service hands-on experiences working with young children and their families in campus- and community-based programs. Students receive continuity of support in learning skills and demonstrating new competencies in providing high quality experiences for children within the context of classroom mentor and teacher team collaborative relationships.

This continuity of CECMP support and relationships result in

  • Student persistence to complete an Associate Degree and related Certificate

  • Student college transfer and completion of baccalaureate and advanced degrees in Early Childhood and Child Development

  • Students’ explicit understanding of Early Childhood career options through related information provided in context.

  1. CECMP Contributes to Student Access to Higher Education in the Time of COVID-19

The Mentor Program has made it possible for current working ECE teachers to complete critical practice-based preparation experience while working. In the time of COVID-19 when many ECE programs have closed or can enroll only reduced number of children, CECMP Mentor Teachers and Directors represent a prepared statewide resource for collaboration with ECE/CD faculty in supporting higher education students in online versions of fieldwork and practicum experiences.

  1. CECMP Mentor Support Strengthens the Professional Preparation of Transfer Students to CSU and Private University Campuses.

The Mentor Program works with ECE/CD faculty in 102 community colleges in our state. This certainly provides a strong foundation for higher education in ECE/CD across community colleges and contributes greatly to the preparation of incoming transfer students at CSU and private university campuses. This student capacity contributes to the depth of learning in baccalaureate and graduate program readings, classroom discussions, and student group projects.

  1. The CECMP Mentors Contribute Essential Infrastructure and Foundation to Support California QCC and Local Consortia Efforts and Deepen ECE Students’ Knowledge of Quality Factors.

CECMP informs ECE students’ knowledge and skills development regarding recognized factors of ECE program and teaching quality, as well as provides pre-service and in-service infrastructure to sustain California’s QCC

in-service quality efforts.

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