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Standing with the Asian American Pacific Islander Community

Dear Friends,


The shooting deaths of eight people, including six Asian American women, in Atlanta was a horrific act of violence, and just the most recent of a growing wave of AAPI hate and discrimination in the United States. The 21 year old Atlanta shooter was once a student in our K-12 schools. Since the start of COVID-19, there has been a 1,900% rise of hate crimes against Asian Americans, 3,800+ cases of AAPI hate crimes reported, and with a tremendous increase of hate crimes in K-20 schools. Asian Americans represent the smallest demographic group back at schools for in-person instruction, with many reporting fear to return back to school


As educators, we need to work collectively and with intention to interrupt anti-Asian racism and discrimination in our schools and community.

As an early childhood higher education collaborative, we stand firm and promise to use our knowledge, skills and voices to build anti-racist institutions, in the memory of so many lives lost. 

We commit to:

(1)  creating a space for our students to explore the impact of institutionalized racism on child development and early education;


(2)  educating our students to challenge inequitable policies and practices in the workplace and in society; and


(3)  empowering our students with the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for complete and equitable access to high-quality early care, education, and related resources for all children and families.

Below are resources for faculty:



Stop AAPI Hate, the nation’s leading coalition documenting and addressing anti-Asian hate and discrimination amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The center tracks, shares, and responds to incidents of AAPI hate and violence in the U.S.  3,800+ Incidents in the last year. Visibility matters!! 



211 LA County and 211 OC County provides hate crimes reporting for people of all ages in Los Angeles County through the Anti Hate Reporting Hotline.



· The Immigrant History Initiative provides free lesson plans and posts weekly with lessons on Asian American history. 

· The Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit is an online toolkit for organizers and educators to teach social justice among the Asian American community.

· Dr. Noreen Nasseem Rodriquez has curated a rich repository of Asian American History Curriculum Teaching Materials


· Additional education projects to provide a more accurate, complex, and historical understanding of current events: Zinn Education Project; Teaching for Change; Learning for Justice, Center for Racial Justice, and  Facing History and Ourselves.



· Talking to Children after Racial Incidents

· Supporting Kids Of Color In the Wake Of Racialized Violence

· Talking Race with Young Children

· Learning Race At Home: Why Colorblindness Just Isn't Enough 

· Why All Parents Should Talk With Their Kids About Social Identity

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